Printer Ink Cartridges

Almost everyone buys printer ink cartridges, but not everyone knows the choices they have when it comes to which ones to buy. It can be the difference between spending substantial amounts of money on ink cartridges and it can have a direct affect on the environment. The most important benefit of going green is that we keep ink and toner cartridges out of landfills. Did you know ink cartridges can be remanufactured with a fraction of the energy it takes to produce them new?

Remanufactured cartridges can be purchased at deeply discounted prices from that of the original. Some local companies have become green enterprises by recycling printer cartridges. They also offer options for easy recycling and provide ink refill kits. They are a great alternative to the abundance of low quality ink from china.

There are several ways you can recycle:

  1. Donate cartridges to stores that remanufacture them like Cartridge World and Staples. They take used cartridges and remanufacture them. They work as good as a new and can be purchased at a lower price.
  2. Another option is mailing a used cartridge back to the manufacture to be re-furbished. Many computer manufactures encourage this by including a mailing label to show you where they can be sent. The post office can assist by offering special envelopes with no postage cost.
  3. You can re-use your own cartridges by purchasing ink refill kits or take them back to the store where they were purchased. Many stores will take cartridges back or have a location to deposit them. I have found this to be a very convenient option and rewarding.

Recycling ink cartridges has saved me hundreds of dollars each year simply by supporting my local cartridge remanufacturing shop. You are helping the environment every time you make the choice to recycle ink cartridges. It is a practical way to go-green with discount printer ink.

I have purchased printer ink from multiple companies and experienced a vast variety in the quality of the ink. It is worth it to do your research and support companies that recycle and re-use ink cartridges rather than sell them from overseas manufacturers for a few reasons: Local companies tend to offer higher quality printer ink cartridges and have excellent customer service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You can make a difference for the environment and save money just with your printer ink.

By K. Robbins